Andrew Tait
CEO - One Earth Financial

Andrew Tait (born in New York, 1955) is founder and architect of The Environmental Community™. With over 72 member organizations this environmental platform will deliver everything from eco-education programs to entertainment, creating shifts in society, changing how people live and work.

Mr. Tait has a Business Administration degree and became a full time environmentalist in 1999. He is the founder of One Earth, One Mission™, Change For Earth™ and Race To Save Earth™. Mr. Tait credits the TEC Team, including hundreds of volunteers that have provided over 126,000 hours of their time toward launching a platform for change.

As part of his green initiatives Mr. Tait focused on environmental technologies. After contracting with two inventors Mr. Tait paid to patent an eco-friendly solution. The patented formulation is an eco-friendly alternative to Chlorine and green alternative that can replace toxic chemicals currently being used for numerous commercial chemical applications.

Mr. Tait established My Natural Pool™ an eco-friendly water treatment for swimming pools and NaturGard™ a product used for water, farm and agricultural applications. Mr. Tait then formed Worldwide Pure Water™ a global water solutions provider. Worldwide Pure Water™ currently holds the patent assignment and exclusive global marketing rights to this unique elemental nanotechnology. To further advance water technologies, eco-friendly solutions and to perform product testing Mr. Tait initiated BioPenta Labs™.

As an environmentalist and humanitarian Mr. Tait states, “Big chemical companies and their lobbyists have bought enough political influence to derail the environmental protections granted by the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act. Their influence has contaminated the very agencies and high courts that are supposed to protect people and the environment. They have effectively hijacked our democracy and Americans will pay for it with their lives.”

In addition to the application listed above Mr. Tait is seeking philanthropic partners for humanitarian projects. In primarily third world countries the elemental nanotechnology can be used to treat drinking water sources and that could save up to 80% of the ten to twenty thousand children that globally die every day from exposure to contaminated water. Mr. Tait points out that the effects of Colloidal Silver and Colloidal Copper nano-particles on water borne pathogens are well documented. Another global application that Mr. Tait is looking to address is the treatment of standing water to prevent mosquito infestations. This would reduce the number of mosquito borne pathogens and plagues, such as Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, West Nile Virus, and Malaria.

Mr. Tait has established One Earth Trust to help fund humanitarian projects.

LaDonna Stachura
V.P. Corporate Affairs

Ms. Stachura began as a volunteer researcher and has worked as Assistant to the Director, Creative Consultant, Human Resources, and Training. Ms. Stachura has worked her way to becoming the top Director within The Environmental Community. As the 72+ members of The Environmental Community expand she will be a primary manager over key organizations. LaDonna manages everything from teams of volunteers to implementing project strategies. Highlighting her outstanding research and organizational skills she provided the necessary elements to track the thousands of volunteers and interns, as well as assignments and all website work performed remotely with us over the years.

As an environmentalist and artist, she creates Painted Concrete Floors which are a work of art. Products that are easy to maintain, no waste and are environmentally friendly (especially with new no/low voc paints) is the focus of Ms. Stachura’s designs. Many can be found in homes and businesses throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth area.

In addition Ms Stachura has worked as a freelance Script Supervisor,Researcher and Production Assistant in the DFW Metroplex for over 15 years.

Ms Stachura shares her love for education and creativity as she volunteers yearly as an appraiser for the Destination Imagination region, and state problem solving challenge competitions, with her focus on the engineering structure category. Its amazing to see what these students can do, I've been doing this for over 10 years,first as coach and then as appraiser. I see the program as one of the finest available for kids that want something a little different than the standard extra curricular activities. It is problem solving and team work in its finest hour!

D. Kimbro Stephens
V.P.Legal Affairs

D. Kimbro Stephens, an Arkansas native and resident of Hot Springs, has grown to love life in the “Natural State”. His appreciation for nature has further risen by living in the Ouachita Natural Forest since 2008. “I have grown to appreciate a State that preserves its natural beauty, and I am contributing my efforts to promote green Earth technologies and initiatives so generations to come can continue to enjoy the natural beauty that I have come to enjoy.”

Mr. Stephens graduated with Honors in Economics from Harvard University and received his Juris Doctor Degree with Honors from the University of Arkansas School of Law. Mr. Stephens is a member of the American Bar Association, the Arkansas Bar Association and has served as an active member of the Arkansas Hospital Association.

Mr. Stephens has acted as CEO, General Council, and Compliance Officer plus other positions for several mission driven mental health facilities in Arkansas. Mr. Stephens maintains a private law practice and has joined The Environmental Community in its mission to preserve and protect the environment.

Dex Peterson
Programming & Business Integration Manager

Mr. Peterson grew up in rural America where he developed a love of nature and appreciation of ecological variety found within the ecosystems. He was called a tree-hugger even when his technological career placed him in the urban jungles. Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas was an ideal match for Mr. Peterson since it was in alignment with his mindset and our National Parks System which is to be good stewards and caretakers of our planet..

The information and technological platform that the various members of The Environmental Community offer promote eco-education, activism, and preservation to sustainability. This is an amazing platform that will shine a light on the various paths whereby individuals and businesses alike can transform our mode of living in peace and harmony with Mother Earth.

Mr. Peterson has an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology from Kaplan University. After working for corporations like Pratt & Whitney Aircraft and Alcoa, he turned to consulting. As a result his service, support, and data skills will be very beneficial to the various member business entities within The Environmental Community.

All TEC member organizations such as: One Earth, One Mission, Race To Save Earth, One Earth Financial, Environmental Business Network and many others welcome Mr. Peterson to our environmental and business management team.

Terry Burns
V.P International Sales

Terry Burns likes living a healthy lifestyle and one of his primary goals is to help others live healthier lives as well. Recognizing that humanity would have to significantly reduce or eliminate toxic substances which ultimately lead him to The Environmental Community

Shortly after Mr. Burns located this environmental platform he also discovered cutting edge technologies and entities that are poised to create significant environmental change. Shortly thereafter he approached the CEO of an eco-technology group offering his assistance and commitment to their mission.

Mr. Burns has lived in North Caroline, Louisiana, Florida, Virginia and Connecticut working for a number of major corporations. Now has the opportunity to truly focus on help people.

He looks forward to teaching thousands of others how to live healthier lives while passing on what his father originally taught him how to help others to help themselves.

Alex Marron
Sr Projects Manager

Alex Marron has served as an Executive Director, Director of Business Affairs & Management, Web Producer, News Anchor and Graphic Associate with three online news stations. After realizing his primary interest was in business development he began his search for a group that would offer the greatest opportunities combining business and environmental activism.

He has initiated his own online organization and is a member of the Future Business Leaders of America. Alex is looking forward to the numerous challenges and opportunities that are offered by such a large environmental group.

Dan Baxley
V.P.Environmental Projects

Armed with an economics degree and a top-tier MBA, Dan was on the fast track to move up the corporate ladder. However, after twenty years with blue chip corporations, he became disillusioned with the corporate lifestyle and his inability to make a difference. He co-founded Automotive Research Laboratory, a company which produces an aftermarket car part that increases gas mileage and reduces CO2 along with other harmful emissions. Dan is currently developing a series of e-books along with a web-based community dedicated to health, fitness, nutrition and anti-aging strategies. The law of magnetic attraction drew him to The Environmental Community.

Dan Baxley has a lifelong commitment to the environment. He is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys camping, hiking, skiing, backpacking and water sports. As a former Eagle Scout, he places a priority on the individual’s ability to effect environmental change through action, not talk. Dan states, “If each of us would leave the world a little cleaner than we found it, many of our environmental problems would rapidly disappear.”

Dan Baxley is firmly committed to free market capitalism and free global trade. He states, “We have made great strides in improving our environment through government regulation. But the next phase in creating sustainable environmental change hinges on harnessing the awesome power of the market and entrepreneurship to create win-win scenarios for all stakeholders, including individuals, industry, local communities, state and national governments and Mother Nature.”

Gary E. Ireland
Legal Advisor

Mr. Ireland is a graduate of Columbia University and New York Law School. He began his career working at the Manhattan Law Firm of Zeichner Ellman & Krause, in the area of commercial litigation and bankruptcy. He left that firm in 1993 and set up a private practice.

Mr. Ireland focuses on federal and state litigation, including environmental matters. His press and political contacts have been instrumental in obtaining coverage of the problem of government-caused beach erosion. By raising awareness that a potential catastrophe, similar to that caused by government-sponsored jetties/groins in West Hampton Dunes in the early 1990s, (resulting in the loss of nearly 200 homes), or worse yet, similar to that caused by Hurricane Katrina, could happen again in the Hamptons where jetties/groins are prevalent, he hopes to avert another such disaster and potential loss of life.

Mr. Ireland currently preparing for trial in the action to resolve the severe government-created erosion on the East End of Long Island and he has been joined by both Southampton Town and the Southampton Trustees. The matter is set to be heard before a jury on February 18, 2008, in federal court in the Eastern District of New York.

Mr. Ireland prevailed as lead trial counsel against Chrysler in Perez v. Manhattan Jeep Eagle and has served as lead counsel in a number of high profile civil rights cases, including matters involving Virgin Airlines and the United States Tennis Association. In a police beating action, Mr. Ireland was selected by the NAACP to represent the victim, and he prevailed at trial. His high profile cases also include Ward v. City of New York, et al. which was covered in the Daily News and featured on the Today Show.

Dr. Steven Gans
Advanced Learning Advisor

Dr. Gans joined The Environmental Community and supports the global initiatives of One Earth, One Mission™, Change For Earth™ and Race To Save Earth™.

Use his experience from being a member of The Arizona Community Clinical Psychology Training Group and Strategic Partner with the Networking Firm Network he will help develop programs that will accelerate environmental change.

Dr. Gans began his career as an Academic Philosopher receiving his Ph.D. from Penn State University and began teaching at a small New England College. His interest in Ancient and Contemporary Philosophic Practices led him to study and practice Psychoanalysis in London under the world famous Existential Psychoanalyst R.D. Laing. Dr. Gans practiced Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy for over 20 years.

Dr. Gans founded the first MA Program in Humanistic Counseling and Psychotherapy in the U.K. at Antioch University, London. He founded and directed the University of Maryland’s Study in London Program and he also founded and was Chairman of the London branch of The Institute for Management Studies (IMS).

He has written extensively for academic journals and books and lectured on Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Counseling and Coaching. Further he co-authored a book with Dr. Leon Redler, Just Listening: Ethics and Therapy (2000,Xlibris Press) develops and expands the Laingian tradition from a post-modern perspective.

In addition he wrote The Little book of Goodness (2003, Booklocker Press) an introduction to ethical practice. Currently his other interests involve the Speculative Realism and Actor Network Theory.

Virginia B. de Souza
Project Manager

From a young age Virginia has been committed to environmental education and expanding how people can rejuvenate the planet. She feels that humanity can continue to expand so long as it is done in harmony with nature.

As a young girl she raised money to help save the Amazon Rain Forest. Today one of her goals is to open a day orphanage for children providing them with a safe place to learn, play, and grow. Virginia would like to open these orphanages in the disadvantaged areas of Brazil.

Another one of her goals is to economically convert ocean water into drinking and agricultural water. Virginia points out that this would help the financially disadvantaged with the means to improve their daily lives.

Virginia has gained her degree from the University of Phoenix in Global Business Management. With over fifteen years working for several companies she has expanded her understanding and knowledge in dealing with a wide variety of essential environmental issues.

As, an early career achievement Virginia gained the lifetime achievement award for career excellence in her field from Strathmore’s Who Who.

Today, Virginia is very excited to be part of the management team for One Earth Financial while assisting The Environmental Community since she now realizes her lifelong dreams can soon become a reality.

Satvik Katagi
Architectural Animation Artist

Satvik had always been interested in creating sustainable architectural. Then an opportunity came along to build totally green cities of the future. Since Satvik’s work had always been inspired by various aspects of nature the opportunity was a perfect match.

Satvik had started as a self-taught artist. His years of experience in visualization, logo design and graphic design had provided the inspiration he needed to create advanced and futuristic architecture.

Having joined One Earth Financial Satvik’s goal is to become a partner to a forward thinking architectural group within The Environmental Community.

Lenny Schutz
Environmental Architect

Lenny brings his creative design and functional ability to create comfortable green living environments for eco-projects developed by One Earth Financial.

While working in Europe and India as a freelance architectural designer Lenny began specializing in visualizations. While his portfolio included personal houses, office premises and schools he really wanted to design green home and eco-friendly buildings that would help sustain our world.

Lenny has lived in the Czech Republic and Mumbai, India. His international work experience and even the two bars he owns all combined makes Lenny a solid match for becoming a key member of the One Earth Financial Development Team.

By working together we will build a better and greener society.

Hans Alfred Lak
V.P. Strategic Partnerships

Located in the Netherlands, Hans is in charge of developing green strategic partnerships. Hans studied Marketing Communication at HEAO in Utrecht. As a manager he work has gained experience in advertising, publishing, fashion and tourism. Hans has initiated cross marketing campaigns with companies like BMW, Diners Club, Mercedes and American Express to name a few. He is passionate about the great outdoors and wildlife.

His global Outdoor.info network is designed for ECO minded people and companies that believe the Outdoor Industry should be leading in the new GREEN ECOnomy, one reason why he joined One Earth, One Mission™ and The Environmental Community™ teams. Another reason that Hans joined the TEC team is his concern for and desire to protect endangered species.

As an attendee of ispo winter 09 he’ll share his knowledge, networking with other environmentalists such as Fred van Olphen and Yvon Chouinard. Being a passionate networker Hans is always willing to connect with people that want to make a difference especially when they can become part of a strategic partnership.

Hans is also a consultant for Tiscover.com, one of the world’s leading online holiday portals operating in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Italy and South Africa. This experience will be put to good use when Hans helps to build Environmental Destinations and Environmental Vacation Club since both entities are part of the eco-travel section of the environmental platform.

His latest area of interest is how to use mobile phones to create change.... “Mobile phones are proliferating at astounding rates across socio-economic and cultural boundaries, revolutionizing the way we organize ourselves and do business.” Hans will be working to advance our environmental objectives using mobile technology.